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    Introducing our 3D printed LIGHTER_CASE001, the perfect accessory to personalize your classic BIC Lighter. Made from eco-friendly PLA material, this lighter case is not only stylish but also sustainable.


    Available in a variety of vibrant colors, you can choose the one that best suits your style. Designed to fit snugly around classic BIC Lighters, our LIGHTER_CASE001 is the perfect way to add a touch of personality to your everyday essential.


    Elevate your lighter game with our lightweight, durable, and eye-catching LIGHTER_CASE001.

    • Got a problem with your item?

      30 days money-back warranty!

      If you experience any issue with your item, please contact us and we'll help you resolve the issue

    • Shipping informations

      Please allow 5 to 7 days to process the order, since this item is made to order. We will ship it to you as soon as possible!

    • Dimensions

      Footprint : 3.7 x 2.6 cm
      Height : 7.1cm

    • **Bic Lighter not included**

      We're sorry, we can't ship lighters through the mail.

      Standard regular-sized Bic Lighters needs to be bought separately

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